Dosage and administration

Before administering iAluRil®, you will need to urinate. The bladder can be fully emptied of all traces of urine by inserting a catheter and waiting for all of the urine to leave the bladder. iAluRil® is then administered directly into the bladder using a thin tube catheter) that is passed through the urethra (the passage through which urine comes out when you go to the toilet) into the bladder. When the liquid has been passed into your bladder it should be held there for at least half an hour. Once it can be held no more, the bladder can be emptied by urinating as normal.

This is a relatively simple, painless and routine procedure, which will most likely be carried out by a doctor or a nurse.

How long will my treatment last?

iAluRil® treatment begins with a course of instillations given once a week for the first month, and then once every two weeks for the second month. After this, instillations are given once every month until symptoms settle down. Once the symptoms have improved, the interval between instillations can be increased slowly until you are happy that the regular doses are enough to keep symptoms under control. If the symptoms reoccur, the initial course of instillations can be repeated in order to help settle the symptoms down again.

Will I get any side effects?

The two components of iAluRil® are found naturally in your body, therefore it is unlikely that this product will cause any side effects. Occasionally the administration process can cause minor irritation, however this is caused by the procedure and not the product itself. If you do experience any side effects, discuss them with your nurse or doctor and between you a decision can be made whether to continue with or stop treatment.

Reporting side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in the product’s package leaflet. To report adverse events, please call Juno Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd on 1800 620 076, or email